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Carè Alto, one of the most famous and beautiful peaks of Trentino, is the name we have chosen for our hotel and restaurant.

The building was erected by the great-grandfather Carlo, "Moleta" (the traditional knife-grinder of Val Rendena) with shop in Munich toward the end of 1800, on the plot of land where in the past lay the Medieval Church of the Confraternita dei Battuti which was later abandoned and then demolished to allow the passage of the current road.

The hotel was originally used as a post station for the carriages that passed through Val Rendena from Lombardia and Veneto.

The building contained, in addition to the stables and the rooms for the accommodation of the carters, also a theater, authorized at the time by the Austrian administration.

Unforgettable performances with mobile choreography, developed by the artist of Borzago, Vigilio Pellizzari known as Togno.

During the 1914/18 war the building became also the headquarters of the Austro-Hungarian.

The hotel was managed by the great-grandfather Carlo and his wife Silvia, a skilled chef.

Carlo died when he was 48 years old, in March 1929 and the activity, after his death, was conducted by his wife together with their daughters Virginia and Emma.

Virginia married Angelo Dorna di Javrè, which joined to the hotel activity a flourishing livestock trading enterprise, particularly pigs. And for this reason were placed in the building a butcher and a grocery store.

When their grandparents died Virginia (1942), Angelo (1949) and Emma (1969), the daughters of Virginia, Agnes and Carlotta continued the business. Emilio, Carlotta's husband, also dealt with cattle trading, but this activity gradually ended.

In 1980 the large stables with vaulted ceiling were restored and transformed in pizzeria and the sons of Carlotta began to manage it.

In 2005 there was a new and more profound restoration and the hotel took its current aspect.

On the facade of the hotel is still visible the fresco of the Madonna dei Flagellati, realized in 1923 by the artist Carlo Donati from Verona. The painting was commissioned by the great-grandmother Agnes, born Alimonta, to fulfill the obligation to build a chapel in remembrance of the Chiesa della Confraternita dei Battuti.


This is our history...

Our family-run restaurant is frequented not only by tourists, but also by many local people who come to enjoy a good typical dinner, a pizza or even only to drink one of our good beers.


We have decorated our restaurant with wood which heats the environments and brings out the smells of our cuisine.

Even the rooms of our hotel are furnished in typical alpine style that makes them warm and welcoming both in summer and in winter.

We are waiting for you to let you taste our typical dishes, our beers, our pizzas and make your holiday truly special.

Angelo, Flora, Andrea and Roberto Tomasini

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